Core B Director

Matthew Silva, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: fusing biology and biometrics.

Associate Directors

Simon Tang, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: (1) understanding the effect of disease mechanisms on the structure-function relationships of skeletal tissues and (2) developing of translatable therapeutic and regenerative strategies for these diseases. The investigation of these scientific questions includes the application of finite element analyses, multiscale tissue mechanics, the functional imaging of skeletal tissues, and development of nanostructures and nanomaterials for regenerative medicine with in vitro and in vivo biological systems.

Gretchen Meyer, PhD

Physical Therapy & Neurology

Focus: changes at the molecular and cellular level in skeletal muscle and how they affect muscle structure and function.

Technical Staff

Michael Brodt

Lab Manager

Administrative Coordinator

Kamilla McGhee

Administrative Coordinator

Research Administrator

Tonia Thompson

Research Administrator