Training requests should be directed to Samantha Coleman ( Equipment scheduling is available through iLabs.

Fee Schedule

Service(per hour)
Training (email to schedule)FREE
Use (MRC members)$10.00
Use (non-MRC members)$15.00

Equipment Details

  • DMi8 automated inverted microscope with brightfield and fluorescence
  • Leica TCS SPEII confocal module with 405, 488, 561 & 635 solid state lasers
  • Plan apo objective kit: 10x, 20x, 40x oil & 63x oil
  • Super Z stage for glass slides or tissue culture plates


Leica LAS X offline software (free download)

LAS X Tips – YouTube

Leica Microsystems Tutorials – YouTube

Use of the Oil Immersion Lens

1.      Excessive amount of oil is not needed, one drop is sufficient.

2.      Always clean the oil off the objective when you’re done using microscope lens paper.

3.      If you see excessive amounts of oil on and around the microscope, notify the person in charge.

4.      If oil gets inside of the microscope, it can cause damage to the electronics as well as the optics causing the microscope to malfunction and also not provide optimal image quality.

5.      If damage occurs, it requires a Leica engineer to travel to your site, disassemble the microscope, clean and/or replace any damaged parts and reassemble.  This can be extremely expensive as it is not covered under warranty.  Travel costs will be billed as well as labor and parts.  A repair like this could easily cost $10K.