In-person location is BJC Institute of Health, 5th floor, Nathaniel Allison Conference room unless otherwise noted below.

Avioli seminars are available virtually and require a Zoom meeting link and passcode. If you wish to receive this attendee information, please submit a request.

October 2022

10/14Statistics Workshop
10/21Erica Scheller, PhD
WU Bone and Mineral Diseases
10/28Karen Lyons, PhD
“Receptor competition and BMP/TGFbeta crosstalk in articular cartilage”

November 2022

11/11Xinping Zhang, B. Med., PhD
University of Rochester
“Imaging the Osteogenic and Angiogenic Interface at the Site of Cranial Bone Defect Repair via Multiphoton Microscopy”
11/18Jim Cassat, MD, PhD
“The Impact of RANK-ligand on Antibacterial Host Defenses”
11/25NO SEMINAR – Holiday

December 2022

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

12/02Richard Loeser, MD
UNC Chapel Hill
“Redox regulation of chondrocyte signaling and osteoarthritis”
12/09Steven Teitelbaum, MD
WU Bone and Mineral Diseases
“Fat Talks to Bone”
12/16Simon Tang, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Leveraging Mechanical Signals for the Regeneration of the Intervertebral Disc”
12/23NO SEMINAR – Holiday
12/30NO SEMINAR – Holiday

January 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

01/06Nicole Gould, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Osteoblast Proliferation in Fracture Healing”
01/13Douglas Faget Vendas, PhD | Stewart Lab
WU Cell Biology & Physiology
“Targeting Stromal p38 Signaling to Treat Breast Metastases in the Bone”
01/20Anne Schafer, MD
“Calcium Metabolism and Skeletal Health in the Bariatric Surgery Patient”
01/27Spencer Lake, PhD
WU McKelvey School of Engineering
“The Mechanical Role of Elastin in Tendon”

February 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

02/03Nicole Migotsky
WU Orthopaedic Surgery – Silva Lab
“Effect of genetic diversity on mouse bone phenotype and response to mechanical loading”
02/10No Seminar
02/17Xu Cao, PhD
Johns Hopkins
“Skeletal Interoception in Bone Disorders, Pain and Biomaterial”
02/24Kunjan Khanna, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“A Novel mechanism of NLRP3 inflammasome activation via Tmem178”

March 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

03/03Gretchen Meyer, PhD
WU Program in Physical Therapy
“Muscle-associated adipose tissue: phenotypes, signaling and other updates”
LOCATION CHANGE: BJCIH 11th Floor | A/B Conference Room
03/10No Seminar
03/17David Ornitz, PhD
WU Developmental Biology
“FGF Signaling in Growing and Adult Bone”
03/24Jennifer Zellers, PhD
WU Program in Physical Therapy
“Characterizing human Achilles tendon homeostasis and healing: Steps toward personalizing treatment.”
03/31Sundeep Khosla, MD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester
“The role of senescent cells in skeletal aging and fracture”

April 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

04/07Steve Mumm, PhD
WU Bone and Mineral Diseases
“Juvenile Paget’s Disease Caused by Mutation in SP7 Encoding Osterix”
04/14John Leuck, PhD
University of Rochester, NY
“Combinatorial impact of chloride and calcium channelopathy in myotonic dystrophy.”
04/21Feini (Sylvia) Qu, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery – Guilak Lab

“Using Digit Tip Regeneration to Inform Regenerative Engineering of Complex Musculoskeletal Tissues”
04/28Marc Wein, MD, PhD
Harvard University
“Signaling pathways that control osteocyte function”

May 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page)

05/05Jie Shen, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Obesity, Lipid Metabolism and OA”
05/12Yousef Abu-Amer PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
LOCATION CHANGE: BJCIH 11th Floor, A/B Conference Room
05/19Alice Huang, PhD
Columbia University
“Mechanisms of tendon development and regeneration”
05/26Nidhi Rohatgi, PhD
WU Pathology and Immunology
“Epigenetic and Metabolic Regulation of Osteoclasts”

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  • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Musculoskeletal Research Center (P30)
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