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In-person location is BJC Institute of Health, 5th floor, Nathaniel Allison Conference room unless otherwise noted below.

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September 2023

9/29Deborah Veis, MD, PhD
WU Bone and Mineral Diseases
“Beyond RANKL, Tumor Osteolysis via Exosomes”

October 2023

10/06ASBMR Practice
10/13No Seminar – ASBMR Meeting
10/20Roman Eliseev, MD, PhD
Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY
“Mitochondrial Metabolism in Bone Health and Disease”
10/27Jacob McPherson, PhD
WU Biomedical Engineering
“Zombie cats, cyborg rats, and monkeys with computer chip hats: just another day in the clinic?”

November 2023

11/03Matthew Silva, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Building New Bone with Mechanical Loading – Roles of Wnt Signaling and Aging”
11/10Dongsheng Duan, PhD
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
“Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy: microdystrophin, CRISPR, and SERCA”
11/17Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Targeting COX-2/PGE2 to enhance fracture repair: EP1 receptor inhibition regulates progenitor cells and accelerates bone regeneration in a systemic injury models.”
11/24NO SEMINAR – Holiday

December 2023

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

12/01Megan McGee-Lawrence, PhD
August University, Augusta, GA
12/08Sydney Neal & Xiaohong Tan | PhD Candidates
WU Biomedical Engineering
12/15Hank Kronenberg, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
“PTH: Builder and Destroyer of Bone”
12/22NO SEMINAR – Holiday
12/29NO SEMINAR – Holiday

January 2024

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

01/05Sade Williams Clayton, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Characterization of the roles of the immune system in the intervertebral disc repair response”
01/12Gabriel Mbalaviele, PhD
WU Bone & Mineral Diseases
“Bone is constantly threatened by inflammasome-mediated inflammation”
01/19Lisbet Haglund, PhD
McGill University, Montreal, QC
“Cell Senescence in Intervertebral Disc Disease; From Basic Knowledge to Therapeutic Opportunities”
01/26ORS Practice Talks
Tim Hung, Leyi Chen, Remy Walk, Rachana Vaidya, Gaurav Swarnkar

February 2024

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

02/02No Seminar
02/09Aaron Johnson, PhD
WU Developmental Biology
“A brain-muscle signaling axis promotes muscle wasting”
02/16Guilia Furesi, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Adult-Derived Osteolineage (Osterix +) Cells As New Regulators Of Breast Cancer Progression”
02/23Naomi Dirckx, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Differential effects of the PTH-responsive citrate transporter SLC13A5 during growth and aging.”

March 2024

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

03/01Katherine Weilbaecher, MD
WU Medical Oncology
“Acid Signaling promotes immune suppression in breast cancer bone metastasis.”
03/08Gaurav Swarnkar, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Investigating the Impact of Inflammation on the function of Osteoblasts and Osteocytes”
Location Change: BJCIH 11th Floor A/B Conference Room
03/15Debabrata Patra, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“FGF Signaling and Skeletal Development.”
03/22Roberto Civitelli, MD
WU Bone and Mineral Diseases
“N-Cadherin in Tumor Associated Osterix+ Cells Restrains Tumor Growth Via Modulation of
a TGF-β Paracrine Loop”
03/29Baohong Zhao, PhD
Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
“Gas or Brake: How Inflammatory Osteoclastogenesis is Regulated”

April 2024

Virtual meetings (see top of page for details)

04/05Jie Shen, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“Fracture Nonunion: New Insights into Mechanism and Therapy”
04/12Wei Zou, PhD
WU Pathology-Anatomic & Molecular Pathology (AMP)
“Rethink the role of CAR in bone homeostasis”
04/19Gretchen Meyer, PhD
WU Physical Therapy, Neurology, Orthopaedic Surgery

“Post-translational Lysine Acetylation and Skeletal Muscle Contractile Function”
04/26Michael Zusick, PhD
University of Colorado, Aurora, CO
“Exploring Gut-Joint Communication in Obesity-associated Osteoarthritis”

May 2024

Virtual meetings (see top of page)

Heather Himberg, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
“Medical Countermeasures for Mitigation of Multi-Organ Radiation Injury”
05/10Rebekah Lawrence, PhD
WU Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Surgery
“Investigating the multifactorial etiology of rotator cuff tears”
05/17No Seminar
05/24Audrey McAlinden, PhD
WU Orthopaedic Surgery
“MicroRNA targeting to treat skeletal disorders: lessons from limb development”

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