February 20, 2019

1:00-5:30 pm
St. Louis, Missouri
Eric P. Newman Educational Center
Washington University Medical School

Featured Speaker

Jennifer Elisseeff, PhD

Professor and Director, Translational Tissue Center

Wilmer Eye Institute and Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Orthopedic Surgery, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering

Johns Hopkins

The Annual Symposium is the largest and most extensive interaction of the Musculoskeletal Research Center investigators.  It will be a half day (1-5:30 pm) symposium held on February 20, 2019,  featuring reports from many laboratories, two poster sessions (including work from all laboratories) and a featured speaker.   A reception will be held after the Symposium for social interactions with the invited speaker.

Symposium Agenda 

01:00-01:10pm Introduction: “The MRC and Its Activities” (Seminar Room B) Dr. Matthew Silva

  2019 P&F Presentations (Seminar Room B) | Moderator: Bailey Fearing  
01:10-01:25pm Muscle Performance after Periacetabular Osteotomy for Hip Dysplasia Dr. Michael Harris
01:25-01:40pm  Mechanisms of Mammalian Muscle Morphogenesis Dr. Aaron Johnson
01:40-01:55pm The role of NF-κB signaling in Osteogenesis Dr. Gaurav Swarnkar
  Abstract Presentations (Seminar Room B) | Moderator: Chai-Lung Wu  
02:00-02:10 pm Motor Skill Training vs. Strength and Flexibility Exercise in People with Chronic Low Back Pain: Effects on Functional Limitations, Pain, and Movement Quenten  Hooker 
02:10-02:20 pm An Artificial Mechanogenetic Circuit for Targeted Gene Activation in Response to Compressive or Osmotic Loading Robert Nims
02:20-02:30 pm Restoration of Endothelial Cell Function in Ischemic Muscle Tissues for Accelerated Vascularization Hong Niu
02:30-02:40 pm ASXL2-Bap1 Epigenetic Complex Regulates Bone Homeostasis Nidhi Rohatgi
  Poster Presentations (Great Rooms A&B)  
02:45-03:30pm Poster Session A – Even # posters  
03:30-04:15pm  Poster Session B – Odd # posters  
  Keynote Lecture (Seminar Room B)  

Translation in Orthopedics – The Unexpected Impact on Research and Understanding the Joint Environment

Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff 
05:25-05:30pm Announce Poster Winners  Dr.Matthew Silva
05:30-06:30pm Reception (main lobby)  

Questions?  Please contact:

Kamilla McGhee
Core Coordinator