The Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases, on behalf of the Skeletal Disorders Training Program (SDTP) and the WU Musculoskeletal Research Center, is hosting a seminar series on Skeletal Biology and Pathophysiology. This lecture series will be organized on a 2-year cycle with 5-6 lectures per year, and is designed to complement courses available through the DBBS graduate training program focusing on topics that are fundamental for the formation of a skeletal biology investigator. Lectures will cover fundamental aspects of bone and mineral homeostasis, bone, cartilage and tendon biology, bone biomechanics and biomineralization, as well as biostatistical approaches and fundamental methodologies for skeletal phenotype analysis in vivo. Most of the speakers are SDTP mentors and MRC investigators; occasionally, external speakers with expertise in specific topics will be invited.

Meeting by Zoom. Contact Christina Grantham for meeting ID and password.

Time: 9:00-10:00am

This series is being recorded, view presentations.




AUG 2020    
08/14 Gretchen Meyer, PhD
Program in Physical Therapy
08/21 Philip Roper, PhD
Bone & Mineral Diseases
Osteoclasts, Inflammation and Infection
08/28 Paola DiVieti Pajevic, MD, PhD
Boston University School of Dental Medicine
Boston, MA
SEP 2020    
09/04 Spencer Lake, PhD
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Tendon and Ligament
09/18 Ryan Riddle, PhD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Bone Cell Energetics
09/25 Karen Steger-May
Power Analysis
OCT 2020    
10/02 @ 10 am Karen Steger-May
Power Analysis – Workshop Format

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