Core A Director

Matthew Silva, PhD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: Bone biomechanics and mechanobiology. Our lab focuses on two main questions.
1) How does mechanical loading stimulate bone formation?
2) How do bones heal after injury?

Associate Directors

Roberto Civitelli

Internal Medicine – Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: the cellular and molecular basis of the bone remodeling process, and to devise mechanisms by which this balance can be modified.

Deborah Veis, MD, PhD

Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: models of pathological bone loss including osteoporosis, breast cancer metastasis to bone, inflammatory arthritis and osteomyelitis

Roberta Faccio

Orthopaedic Surgery

Focus: the identification of common molecules that can modulate the activation of immune cells as well as osteoclasts.

Administrative Coordinator

Kamilla McGhee

Administrative Coordinator

Research Administrator

Tonia Thompson

Research Administrator