Experimental Skeletal Biology Journal Club (Dr. Deborah Veis)

Meets Tuesday at 12:00 PM by Zoom. Please email Jennifer Vollmer for meeting ID and password.

11/14Carmela Unnold CofreImpaired Bone Strength and Bone Microstructure in a Novel Early-onset Osteoporotic Rat Model with a Clinically Relevant PLS3 MutationPDF
11/21Seunghyun LeeHuman Bone Marrow Organoids for Disease Modeling, Discovery, and Validation of Therapeutic Targets in Hematologic MalignanciesPDF
12/05Minghao Zheng, PhD, MD, FRCPA, FRCPathVisiting Researcher

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Mechanobiology Journal Club (Dr. Simon Tang)

Mechanobiology Journal Club is not currently active.


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