The overall objective of the Histology and Morphometry Core is to provide histological services, training and support for the identification and analysis of molecular phenotypes of our target tissues, bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon and ligament, in developing adult mice and other model organisms, as well as patient samples. We aim to achieve this objective by 1) providing high quality, efficient histology services across the range of techniques required for musculoskeletal research; 2) support rigorous and reproducible approaches that contribute to research proposals and publications with high impact; 3) provide training and enrichment opportunities (in concert with the T32 Skeletal Disorders Training Program); 4) enhance and adapt Core services in response to the needs of our Research Community; 5) foster interactions among existing and new members of the Research Community through sharing of techniques and approaches for histology and microscopy.

  Aim 1 – Histological Services

  Aim 2 – Resources for Histological Imaging and Analysis


  1. Preparation of sections for all musculoskeletal tissues (bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle), including paraffin, methylmethacrylate, and frozen (OCT) embedding and specific tissue orientations, including a variety of specialized stains.
  2. Provision of specialized histology techniques, including nondecalcified frozen sections with tape transfer for fluorescent label visualization, immunostaining, in situ hybridization or laser capture microdissection. Training and protocols can also be provided.
  3. Bone histomorphometry, training and access to equipment.
  4. Consultation on histological techniques and choice of reagents.