Core C Director

Deborah Veis, MD, PhD

Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: models of pathological bone loss including osteoporosis, breast cancer metastasis to bone, inflammatory arthritis and osteomyelitis

Core C – Associate Director

Erica Scheller

Bone & Mineral Diseases

Focus: synthesis of concepts from cell biology, physiology, and bioengineering to study the relationships between the nervous system and the skeleton. We have a directed interest in understanding how neural signals contribute to skeletal homeostasis, and how perturbations to this system contribute to bone loss, impaired healing, and changes in metabolism.

Specialist (Muscle Analysis)

Gretchen Meyer, PhD

Physical Therapy & Neurology

Focus: changes at the molecular and cellular level in skeletal muscle and how they affect muscle structure and function.

Technical Staff

Crystal Idleburg, HT(ASCP)

Senior Research Tech/ Histology

Billing Administrator

Kamilla McGhee

Administrative Coordinator