All requests for Core services and equipment scheduling is available through iLab.

Schedule Services

Fee Schedule

*Members of the MRC Research Base receive 33% discount on all fees.
For users outside of Washington University, please contact us for fees.

Surcharges & Discounts

Blocks(per block)
Paraffin Processing$10.00
Paraffin Processing + decal by core$24.00
Plastic embedding$44.00
Slides(per slide)
Paraffin section$2.15
Plastic section$12.25
micro/orientation fee50% extra/section
H & E stain$7.85
Special stains$12.15
Frozen Sections
Frozen section$4.72
Non-decal section of bone$15.72
Frozen section on film$15.72
Coverslip w/o prior stain$1.57
Hourly Fees
Microtome Use$11.00/hour
Technician Time$44.00/hour
Confocal $15.00/hour
large slide box (100)$6.60
small slide box (25)$4.13
Microtome blades (ea)$1.80
Slides (box of 100)$24.75
 Surcharges & Discounts
Priority service fee
requires prior PI approval
Core Member discount33%

Estimated Time Schedule for Services

Paraffin processing/sectioning/staining
     <= 20 blocks, no special requests1-2 weeks
     <= 20 blocks, microscope for orientation or leveling through (50+ slides per block)2-4 weeks
     > 20 blocks, no special requests2-4 weeks
     > 20 blocks, microscope for orientation or leveling through (50+ slides per block)4-8 weeks
MMA (plastic) processing/sectioning/staining
     <= 20 blocks4-8 weeks
     > 20 blocks8-12 weeks
Cryostat sectioning
     Routine2-4 weeks
    For LCMCan be scheduled
Priority (Rush) work
Not available for MMA processing
Less than 5 work days, needs PI approval, with 30% surcharge